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Metapoly-eth is a (Belgian) NFT game. The main goal is to reach the end-card to gain extra NFTs (and some coin to buy other NFTs).

As it is played in the Metaworld, everything runs on NFT. You can mint tickets to enter the game, you can buy an available island if you land on it, and you get the full content of the treasure if you land on it. The island NFT will be available for 0.01 on OpenSea.

Tickets will be minted for 0.003 Polygon (wrapped ETH). From every minted in use, 0.001 goes to the treasure chest. Another 0.001 goes to the owner of the island a player lands on. The treasure chest might also contain other NFTs.

By minting a ticket NFT you might also be able to pick up a rare or legendary ticket with extra functions. To mint a ticket, you'll need a MetaMask Wallet (free). An OpenSea account (free) can come in handy ;)

Metapoly is created by Tom (S4mNFTofficial), Laurent (Cryptobyls), Jasper (BelgianFrens) and FutureFrenchie.

Metapoly-eth game

Dice roller: